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This site is all about helping you be Successful in your Workplace using Simple Methods.  Please understand, Simple doesn't mean Easy, nor does Simple doesn't mean Simplistic.  Simple means straightforward and easy to understand (but sometimes hard to do!).

For example, losing weight is Simple:  You eat less, and exercise more, and you will lose weight.  But that does not mean it is Easy!  Because it is not Easy, there is a multi-billion dollar industry around the subject of weight loss.  But this does not mean that the essence of weight loss is not Simple, it is just Not Easy.

Similarly, I tend to think that workplace success is essentially Simple.  But not Easy.  And so there is also a multi-billion dollar industry around things like resume writing, personal branding, and other topics aimed loosely at career success.

As an industry executive, every day I see people make mistakes that limit their careers. Most people are not even aware of what they are doing -- they are good, honest, hard-working employees. But they just don't seem to "get it".  And yet it is really very Simple!  And this untapped potential limits their careers, their earnings, and their company's fortunes.  Don't let that be you!

I am not trying to sell you anything in particular, just trying to convey to you "what works" from my experience and perspective. I have had a pretty successful industrial career in the U.S.A., as an individual contributor, manager, and VP overseeing millions of dollars and dozens of people, teams, and groups.

I am not a career guru, resume (re)writer, or motivational speaker.  I am a practicing executive in today's business world, working hard to compete with China, grow market share, and stay ahead of the competition.  My formal education is all technical -- I have a Ph.D. in Engineering -- no business or MBA classes.  Perhaps with typical engineering swagger, I have picked up whatever I've needed "on the fly".  Hence, I have a different perspective on Career Skills and what it takes to succeed than most of the experts in this field.

I hope you enjoy Simple Chief, apply it's lessons and teachings to your situation, and recommend it to your friends and co-workers.

Here's to Your Career!  -- SimpleChief
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