Treat Your Company's Money As Your Own

Symptom:  You seek broader business responsibility within your organization, but can't seem to get people to view you as someone with "business sense" and an "operations mindset", because of your current role as a specialist in your discipline.

Cure:  You should treat your company's money as your own.  That is, you should seek out ways to track, save, and conserve the company's money, and invest it wisely when it is time to spend money.

To whom would you give the raise?
Why it Works:  This point goes deeper than a simple "don't steal from the company because stealing is bad" message.   Being frugal and thrifty with the company's money is one of the most powerful, and quantifiable, ways to demonstrate your worth to your employer, and turn your job into the career you want.

Most people don't waste company money.  But very few people, especially specialists in their disciplines, look for ways to aggressively save or wisely invest company money.  Those are the people who stand apart from the crowd.  Good businesses are always looking for people with specialized skills who can also think on a more general, business level.

Being frugal is also good for your job security, because when a company needs to figure out how to save money (which is always!), they are not likely to let people go who are good at saving money!  Or if the company needs to expand into a new market, a new manufacturing venture, a new acquisition, or whatever, who will they put on the team?  Somebody who can spot a good deal, and works to save money!  Make sure that person is you!

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