Want the Best Job? Go After the High Visibility Mess to Gain Experience

Symptom:  You do your work well, and you make contributions to your company.  Your job is secure, but you are irritated that you aren't moving ahead as quickly as you feel you should.  "Why can't everybody see all the potential I bring?" you think to yourself.

Cure:  You, yourself, will need to take on more responsibility, seek leadership positions, and gain the experience of leading and managing others.  You can't wait for this to be handed to you.

Why it Works:  If you want to advance in your career, you cannot simply do what you are asked to do, or what your job description says. You must go and do more than you are asked, or appears in your job description, on your own.

This sort of risk ought to take you out of your comfort zone, make you nervous about failing, cause you some concern about how your actions might impact the people around you, and so on.  It is natural to feel this way.  Indeed, it is healthy.  To not feel this way would be reckless.

Transform dysfunction and aim at the goal.
You can find such opportunities pretty easily.  Simply look around for a big, messy problem.  Every company has them.  Indeed, a company without them is either boring, or going downhill, or both.  Whoever can fix the problem will help the company, gain visibility, and advance their career.  Such situations will give you far more practical experience within your company than a half-dozen leadership seminars, I guarantee you.

The point is that you will need to step out of your comfort zone, take on new challenges, and fight the battles as they come if you want to advance your career.  Once you have the situation under control, or even have the situation understood, be sure to give an effective presentation to the people concerned.

Many senior managers decide who to promote, and give the best jobs to, by watching and seeing who distinguishes themselves from the pack.  They look for the "natural leaders", those who want more responsibility, who can organize people around their vision, and so on.  Promoting such people to the best jobs is a low-risk move for upper management.  And so that is usually what happens.  Make sure the low-risk play for your manager is you!

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